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June 12th Event
SHE Event 2021 - June Ubuntu Celebration

Creating a legacy of wealth is OUR responsibility

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The S.H.E Xperience provides venues for Black-owned businesses to increase their customers and revenue, learn sound business practices, build relationships, and circulate their dollars within the Black community. This is done through the S.H.E. Event, S.H.E. Event Youth Cohort/S.H.E. Creates, and the S.H.E. Marketplace.


Get paid to learn the basics of business.

Learn how to create a business plan, develop a growth strategy, become financially literate, and more. 

Watch Dominique Clemmons' interview after graduating from this year's Cohort

SHE. Event 2020

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I started attending the S.H.E. event a couple of years ago. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was completely blown away seeing so many black entrepreneurs so passionate about their businesses. These entrepreneurs travel from around the Midwest and beyond to attend these events. It has given me a whole new perspective on supporting small businesses. They may be small now, but keep watching. The S.H.E. event has changed the lives of so many people. Katina Washington is truly a visionary business woman and I believe this is just the beginning. Kudos to you Katina Washington!!”
Angie Beverly
S.H.E. Event Sponsor & Attendee

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Black-owned, custom, and affordable products right down the street.

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SHE Event 2021 - June Ubuntu Celebration

June 12, 2021

Get what you need.
Discover new markets.
Connect with your people.

The revolutionary S.H.E. Marketplace online platform allows Black business owners to sell their unique products, services, and digital goods worldwide. The Marketplace has everything – from custom goods, to local and virtual clubs and events, to physicians, clergy and realtors, it is your one-stop shop for affordable Black-owned products and services.

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