The SHE. Xperience provides venues for Black-owned businesses to increase their customers and revenue, learn sound business practices, build relationships, and circulate their dollars within the Black community.

Our Mission

To provide local, Black, female entrepreneurs with in-person events, online platforms, and business education to grow their companies and build lifelong connections within their community.

Our Vision

To connect every Black, female-owned small business owner in Indianapolis with the people and tools needed to create, grow, and sustain thriving businesses


SHE Event/Xperience

Starting out with 3 vendors and 75 attendees, The S.H.E Event (Xperience) has now enabled hundreds of Black female entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their goods and services to thousands of people. Following the African Ubuntu philosophy, “I am because we are,” The SHE Xperience provides venues for women-owned entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses through the annual SHE Event, and educates small business owners on sound business practices.  Building community and circulating dollars within the Black community.